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Monday, 9th May 2005

Time Arrived 12.20pm
Time Left 13.05pm

Calories 300 (gym only)


20 minutes cross trainer, level 6/3/5

10 minutes cycling, level 3

10 minutes walking, incline 10, 15, speed 3.8

Swimming - 3/4 mile in approx 35 minutes

The cross trainer was a struggle, mainly due to lack of inhaler. Cycling was easy, but I was on the one that keeps your back upright on a low level. Walking was easy...I want to run. There was a little soreness on the knees with the walking but nothing too major. Have to stay away from running.

Swimming was good even though I wasn't in the mood. Tired quite quickly but kept plugging away.

I am thinking tomorrow may be a good day to start the boxing class again. After the session with Paula on Thursday, it reminded me how much I enjoy doing it. Plus it will give me variety. If I don't, then it will have to be cross trainer, step and proper cycling.
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