Zingara (zingara) wrote in zingarasgymlog,

Monday, 25th April 2005

Time Arrived12.20pm
Time Left13.05pm

Calories 400 (gym only)


20 minutes cross trainer, level 5

5 minutes running, speed 6.3
2.5 minutes walking, speed 3.5
5 minutes running, speed 6.3
2.5 minutes walking, speed 3.5
3 minutes running, speed 6.5
2 minutes running, speed 6.0

Floor work - 100 crunches

Swimming - 3/4 mile, majority breast-stroke. Approx time 40 minutes.

Well, I wasn't going to tackle the treadmill but did! Made the mistake of doing it after working on the cross trainer so the distance was never going to happen. Quite pleased with the run though, such as it were. No real pain from the knees just a few twinges.

Cross trainer was smooth, good speed.

Swimming was good. My strokes are becoming longer and smoother. The majority are short and fast but when I really concentrate they are better. Something to work on!

Next workout to be running, cross trainer and cycling. Have to get back into it without overdoing it.
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