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Tuesday, 19th April 2005

Time Arrived 5.10pm
Time Left 6.30pm

Calories 500


5 minutes warm up walk

8 minutes running, speed 10
3 minutes walking, speed 5
2 minutes running, speed 10

20 minutes cross trainer, level 5

Floor work - 100 crunches, 100 side crunches, 100 pulses, 100 side crunches, 100 pulses

20 minutes cycling, level 3

2 minutes running, speed 10.5


Something has to give? Can I give up the gym for a week to rest the knee? Can I give up swimming to see whether it is that which is having an effect? Should I switch to low impact work, cross training for example, if I cannot give up the gym?

This was a disaster today. Every step I made after 6 minutes was hurting. At least I still retain enough sense to not continue and make it worse. The cross training was okay though, the floor work was good and the cycling was okay up until about 15 minutes when the twinges started. It was the running that was causing the pain though. So, no running for a while?


Minimum 30 minutes on the cross trainer tomorrow and take it from there. Resist the treadmill!
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