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The Week in Review - Week 15

Well, I seem to be having good week/bad week. Any guesses as to which this one was?

The positives? Well, the swimming went well and that is definitely shaping my body in a whole new way to what the gym is doing.

The negative? I suspect it is the swimming that is hurting my knee. In theory swimming is good for the joints but the pain that I have been having with my knee has only come about after starting up with the swimming.

So, because of the knee thing, the gym has taken a back seat this week. Have I missed it? You bet I have - had to force myself not to go today, and I don't think I should go this coming week to give my knee chance to recover. However, I cannot give it up, so I am going but will be conscious of any pain.

Gym wise, this week hasn't been a successful one. The running has been okay, with an increase in the speed again for five minutes. Really this week has just been one of getting by. I am hoping to have a better week this coming week but given that I am now getting chest pains, I am not overly hopeful.
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