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Wednesday, 13th April 2005

Time Arrived 12.20pm
Time Left 1pm

Calories 375


5 minutes warm up walk

20 minutes running, speed 6.2/6.3

10 minutes cross trainer, level 6

Swimming</b> 3/4 mile in 45 minutes


Not a brilliant session. I was struggling with the treadmill but made it through to the 20 minutes. Having a bad knee day and a dodgy set of lungs - hoping I am not coming down with a cold or anything. The cross trainer was okay, the level was good and the speed was maintained so that was okay.

Swimming was good. The arms were suffering a little but I would have been on target for a mile an hour session.

Not entirely sure which route to go down tomorrow. I definitely need to do some stepping, rowing, cycling etc but will it impact on my already sore knee. Or, is it the running which is hurting it more. Either way, I need to get a good session in. Will be doing about 90 minutes in the gym and then hitting the pool again.

Hopefully it will go well, but we'll see.
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