Zingara (zingara) wrote in zingarasgymlog,

Monday, 18th April 2005

Time Arrived 12.20pm
Time Left 13.05pm

Calories 425 (gym only)


20 minutes running, speed 6.2/6.1/6.2
5 minutes walking, speed 3.0
5 minutes running, speed 6.5

10 minutes cross trainer, level 5

Swimming 1 mile, approx 55 minutes

The running was slightly slower than it should have been - did the calculation wrong, so was running at 9.9 roughly. It was a slight strain, so it is perhaps a good job I didn't go any faster than that. The irony of being able to run with a dodgy knee but to struggle walking isn't lost on me.

Cross trainer was good, nice and smooth at a good speed.

Swimming was okay, scratch that, swimming was good. The knee was giving me grief....not the sore one though, the other one. *shrugs*. Definitely getting faster in the pool, and the stamina is increasing and the strokes are getting longer and more leisurely, but covering the distance faster. And it is having a great effect on my body! :)

Seeing how the body is tomorrow. If it is holding up okay, plan to run, step (may give this a miss), cycle and cross train. Rowing is out, unless I do a 10 minute session. We'll see.
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