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Thursday, 14th April 2005

Time Arrived 6.45pm
Time Left 8.45pm

Calories 300


3 minutes warm up walk
1 minute running

2 minutes cycling

Floor work - 100 crunches, 100 pulses, 100 side crunches, 100 pulses, 100 side crunches, stretches

30 minutes cross trainer, level 3

4 reps abdominal crunch
2 reps Chest press
2 reps Shoulder press

Swimming - just over 1/2 mile

Not a proper workout, knee too sore. I did attempt to run on two occasions, but the walking was bad enough. The running was okay for a minute but then it was evident I was going to do some serious damage if I carried on.

So, all in all, rather disappointing. The cross trainer I got a good time in but the level wasn't brilliant and even that, low impact that it was, was hurting.

Swimming was okay, hurting at first but eased up. Slow and steady.

I think the body is telling me to give it a rest. Will see how things progress at work tomorrow but I am not holding out for another session until Monday. There is no point putting pressure on to workout when I am not in the best of shapes!
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