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Monday, 11th April 2005

Time Arrived 12.20pm
Time Left 13.05pm

Calories 485 (gym only)


5 minutes warm up walk

25 minutes running, speed 10.0
10 minutes walking, speed 6.7, incline 10, 10, 0
5 minutes running, speed 10.5

Swimming</b> - covered 1 mile in an hour


Pleased again with the run, especially the final five minutes. The last run was very comfortable. Not sure how long I could have continued at that speed but I was very comfortable.

The swimming was good again. I felt like I was slower than the other day but I covered the same distance. Plus I kept going longer without a break - lengths rather than widths and did it in two 1/2 mile slots.

Not sure on tomorrow - definitely twinging in the calf muscles on exiting the pool. I just have to see whether they calm down. Think I have strained them. If they are okay, then the plan is to run, step, cycle, row and cross train.
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